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Snow Park


Searching for real fun activities with getting cool and relax? Willing to go somewhere which gives you feel like you are in heaven? Why not try out one of the best attractions in Goa – Snow Park Goa.

Go Sledging! Get a sled and simply go! Build a snowman. Have a snowball battle with friends and family. Indulge in loads of snow fun & frolic with your near & dear ones. It is fabulous as it gives you feel like you are playing with real snow, or you can do ice sliding, or Dancing on DJ songs, and many more attractive activities.


The snow park is now tagged as the new and popular destination in Goa for spending time with friends and family.

A snow theme park in Goa gives unique and unlimited entertainment activities, with a lot of fun, masti for the entire family, group of bachelors, couples, and kids. It is located between two famous beaches Baga Beach and Calangute beach.

Not only is Goa famous for churches, forts, and beaches, it is also comprised of fantastic amusement parks. Made entirely of ice, ‘it’s a unique location to explore. The best thing about this spot is that they offer a blend of real genuine snow in – 5’ C temperature.

Experience the snow, Selfie with the snowman, play in the snow ground or enjoy the rhythms of the DJ’s songs with laser lights and a mesmerizing thunder effect!

Snow Memories will give you happiness & joy when you look back. It is one of the best attractions in Goa where everyone can enjoy not only kids, even youngsters, family all will just fall in love with this place. Get excited about the various activities and relax yourself. Come to Snow Park in Goa to spend your time comfortably and lavishly.

Whether you’re going in the winter to experience the serene beaches and the lovely sunsets or if you’re going at peak season time in the summer for the much-needed chill and the amazing sports activities in Goa, Snow Park Goa is here for you, provides indoor snow adventure, fun and memories for friends and family. The snow ice park is the full-on adventurous and park is open for all 365 days in a year.