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Snow Sculpture

Snow sculpture is a Sculpture form comparable to ice sculpture in that most of it is now practiced inside Snowpark, and often in full view of spectators, thus giving it kinship to performance art  in the eyes of some.

Why choose Us?

Slide On Ice

Not one, but two snow slides – meant for adults and children – are available for your enjoyment. Enjoy the cold rush of wind as you fly down the slope in your sled. Come sliding to a halt, heart pounding, on a patch of icy snow.

Why choose Us?

Snow Volleyball

Now enjoy your favorite volleyball game, totally new arena, exclusively at our snow park. The sport you can never get bored of.

Why choose Us?

Sledging Car

Love sledging? Then snowpark is the best destination to do the sledging with sledging cars in real snow. Makes your memories unbelievable sledging in real snow.

Why choose Us?

Ice Bar

Liquor in the ice! That too in Goa! Can't believe, yes, you heard it right. Goa's first ice bar in Snowpark, enjoy your favorite drinks in ice glass.

Why choose Us?

DJ Party

Too much of snow? Don't know what to do next? Don't worry! We got you covered by DJ. Yes! First time in Goa, Enjoy our exclusive dance floor in our snowpark. Dance with your friends and family, under sparkling disco lights. Everything looks more magical in the snow!

Contests And Events

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About Us

SNOWPARK has now created a design for a unique snow play centre to entertain whole family for 365 days. The aim is to introduce unlimited snow fun to whole family, especially in places where snow is an exotic or now a days unusual commodity.

Bored with the same old Recreation concepts? Want something new and active to challenge you physically and mentally, leaving you invigorated and excited by different fun filled enjoyments and demonstrations? If so, SNOW PARK is for you, if you like to feel various snow based thrills. We offer a mixture of REAL SNOW in -5' C Temperature with, Snow falling as like in Switzerland, Snow Play areas, Snow Balling, Igloos, Snow Men, Snow cave, Slide on ice, Sledging car, Snow dancing with DJ and Laser lighting and thunder effect.

Snow produced is REAL, and contains only water and no chemicals are added. The concept is unique and first time in history of mall in Gujarat.

Facility is family oriented for all age groups. Rides can be varied, exotic and unexpected as possible. One can have slide on ice and sledging car. Snow play areas for kids and adults where they can build Snow man, Igloos or snow balling areas where you can hit your friends with snow balls. Snow caves and igloos can be created where you can have Snow edutainment.


What are the timings of Snowpark?
11am to 8pm. Entry for the last session everyday is at 8pm.
What are Snowpark's days off?
None! We are open on all 365 days in the year.
Do you provide Winter Gear?
Yes, we provide sterilized winter gear on a returnable basis (socks, shoes, jackets, and gloves). This is included in the ticket cost.
Can tickets be booked in advance?
Yes, tickets can be booked in advance through our website We also have a provision for current booking. Tickets can be collected at the Snowpark counter.
Is there any additional cost involved after purchasing the ticket?
No additional cost is involved for rides inside Snowpark. There are no additioncal charges for smartphones and cameras. They are allowed into the snow area at the customer’s own risk. We also provide hard copy photographs and you have to pay additional charges for that.
Where is Snowpark located?
Snowpark is located at Tito's Lane 2, Baga Calangute- Road, Goa, India.
What is the age limit for kids in Snowpark?
Yes, children are allowed in Snowpark, and for children below 3 years, it's free (including costumes) and above, a full ticket charge is applicable.
Are there any refreshment stalls inside?
Yes we provide food, refreshment drinks and alcoholic drinks. They can be availed by paying additional charges and they are not included in Snowpark ticket price.
Can we celebrate Birthday, Anniversary and Corporate parties?
Yes, we welcome you to celebrate your happy occasions at Snowpark. For the packages we offer, please mail us at or speak to us at +91-959-542-0781.

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